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OnEarth Band Hat

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Legit music 10/10. Love the hat ahahah

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When can i have one Kev, so i can play some tunes in DCL !

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Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 18.21.49

Hey @KevinOnEarth @KevinClark

Can you add in replaces helmet, top head and probably Tiara? This way the wearable is not going to clip with those.

And maybe hide earrings because the violet part of the hat is hiding those.

Cheers and good job! Looks amazing!


Thank you Shibu! Sango and I wanted to make something special and unique for the Band to keep making major noise across the metaverse with.

I’ve made the adjustments by your recommendation and can’t wait to send these out to people!

Really appreciate you! thanks as well @DeepThought and @decentrafun !!! <3 Going to get these out to the people!

Approved @KevinClark ! :tada: :confetti_ball:


!!! Best EVER!! Can’t wait to tell everyone!

Minting tonight probably ! Thank you @Shibu !