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Omni-Cracker Hats

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, please hide hair and add some hair to the design if you want. Also the thumbnail is a bit misleading as it is. Please display only one color and add an rgb sign on thumbnail and mention in the description that the color changes according to hair color.

Hello Yannakis, thanks for your quick review and feedback ~

To you first point regarding hair, that is intentional and is the same way that the previously-published partyhats are designed. People enjoy combining the hat with different hairstyles and ensembles, as it works well with many [including bald], so we’d prefer to leave out the hair for that reason and to maintain consistency.

To your point about the thumbnail, understood. We’ll prepare a new .PNG and I’ll ping again here when it’s uploaded. Is there a ‘standard’ RGB .png icon that you are able to share for use with RGB-related wearable thumbnails, or is that purely up to the creator create?

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Its up to the creator. Regarding the hair Ill accept it since the clipping is not bad!

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Thanks for the info. The thumbnail has been updated ~

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Collection approved @Archonomous !

Much appreciated, Yannakis! :raised_hands:

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