Collection 'Oh My God | Norse Gods Family' created by Rus#1aed is ready for review!

Oh My God | Norse Gods Family

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I am so Loki | Loki

Son of Odin | Thor

All father | Odin

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, please remove any reference to Marvel characters

Hey, Yannakis.
Sorry, it took some time to make changes. It’s ready now)

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, can you please add female represenations to the wearables so i can approve?

Female wearables is planed as a separate collection)

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You can use the same and just adjust to the waist. Bothe representations are needed for approval.

Add body_shapes.undefined Representation
Do you know why this error can be? It appears when I try to add female representations(

And it’s working separatly when I do only female or male wearable. But if I adding male representation to female it’s an error occure(

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Are they under 2 mb combined?

For exaple Loki male 1059 kb and Loki female 580 kb

Thor is even less
male 701kb and female 59kb

Can you try uploading again using the steps below?

Just did it)
Hope that it’s ok now)

Looks good, collection approved!

Thank you so much.
Good luck to you)

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