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Off Shoulder Mini Dress

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Off Shoulder Mini Dress

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey! Collection approved!

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Hi @AndreusAs

I’ve updated the weight painting for the Off Shoulder Mini Dress to improve how it handles custom emotes and rechecked how it handles default emotes. This exercise will definitely improve quality in my future designs for this outfit category.

1a) dress clipping the inner thigh

1b) pose emulated in blender

1c) weight paint updated to eliminate clipping
Yoga Good

2a) Unwanted bump during wiggle emote

2b) pose emulated in blender

2c) Weight painting updated to smoothen out posture

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey, collection approved!

Hi @AndreusAs I have one more update to make.

there’s an emote that seems to unlock the spine location (spine is moved in y instead of rotating on x-axis), which causes my mesh to move sharply between spine and hip bones. To improve the overall flow, I’ve updated the weight paint and rechecked performance with my other test poses.

I’ve also resized a strip in the design on the inner thigh, which is in place to prevent an image artifact that results when to vertices on intersecting planes share two different materials (e.g. where the dress intersects the skin).

1a) Issue when spine position shifted instead of rotated inworld
1b) emulated in blender

1c) Updated weight painting (and rechecked with other test poses I’ve saved)

2a) strip along inner thigh to prevent image artifact twinkle

2b) strip resized at the bottom

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Collection re-approved!

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