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Oddbird Unwasted

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Oddbird Unwasted shoulder bag

Oddbird Unwasted waist bag

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heya. Reviewing this now!

Looks good! There are just a few small weight painting issues on the run animation with the female variations. And one small issue on the male shoulder bag . Check out the screenshots below.

For an easy way to troubleshoot this weight painting. I’d recommend downloading the basemale.glb from the github. You’ll find the run animation in the action editor inside this file -

Hi, thank you! We’ve uploaded a version with the issues fixed we hope! Let us know if we should edit more. @grimey

Thanks Radical. Just a couple of small issues still -

It looks like there’s a small gap between the shirt and the lower body on the Male ‘Waist Bag’ wearable.

The weighting on the male model is almost good. Just a couple of fixes.

-Male Waist Bag

-Female Waist Bag

It would be great to make the bottom of the shirts double sided too. Its the most obvious on the female waist bag.



Thank you again for the great input! We’ve uploaded the waste bag. Is that one ok now? Will upload the shoulder bag on Monday.

Hi @grimey, now we’ve uploaded both collectibles :slight_smile: Can you please let us know if we need to adjust something?

Hi @grimey :slight_smile: We would be super happy if we could get this collection approved asap. Would you let us know if we need to work on any more details? Appreciate your time! / Mina

Thanks for making those changes. Approved!

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Hi @grimey ! We just updated the thumbs of the imagery, would you be able to check and hopefully approve? Thank you!

No problem. Approved!