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number81_The beginning BK_YL

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number81_The beginning BK_YL

  • Description: Japanese digital luxury streetwear brand “number81” long T-shirt
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: upper_body

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Thanks for waiting, just reviewing now!

Love this!
I noticed there’s no female representation, would you like to update that?

Also if that is the x-men logo, can you send an approval email to:

Let me know when that’s all done and I can review again. Thank you!

Thanks for reviewing !

This item is for male only, so I won’t update.

The logo is from my brand “number81” that I thought of.
But it’s very similar to the x-men logo, so I have changed.
Please confirm it.

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Amazing, sorry for the delay!
Please send through confirmation that you created and own this logo through to and I’ll get this approved asap~

Just let me know when thats sent! Thank you :pray:

I have sent it. Please confirm :grinning:

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Awesome, sorry there is a slight delay but once I check it will be approved!

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This is good to go but there is still female representation missing, did you want to include that?
Let me know~

No~, this item is for male only.

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This has been approved, thank you for your patience~

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