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Nouns × Me+🌏JAPAN

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Nouns Shoes 01

Nonus RRO 1

Nouns Glasses

Nouns Sweat 01

Nouns Parker 01

Nouns Shoes 02

Nouns PRO 2


Hi! Checking collection now! :+1:

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Do you have IP rights to use Nouns on your wearables? Please send IP rights here:

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Thank you for checking!
Correct it and upload it again.

Nouns is CC0. No intellectual property rights are required.

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These screenshots have me rolling tho. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t fixed it yet.
I will contact you if I fix it.

I’ve updated my men’s hoodie, how do I update my women’s hoodie?
It says “Under Review” and I can’t add it as usual.

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Amazing collection, I’m so pumped for these o.o!
You go into your builder, you click on your collection, you click on your item and in the top right corner you get this.


Beautiful collection! Great work :smiley:

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thank you!
I was able to set the women’s costume by the method that taught me.

Fixed glasses and hoodies.
Also updated the thumbnails of all items.
Please check.

collection approved!