Collection 'Nouns × Me+JAPAN #004' created by MetaEarthJapan is ready for review!

Nouns × Me+🌏JAPAN #004

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Nouns Tops 007 [Hoodie]

Nouns Set 002 [Sweatsuit]

Nouns Shoes 009

Nouns Shoes 010

Nouns Shoes 011

Nouns Item 003 [Balloon]

Nouns Pants 002

Nouns Set 003 [Hakama]

Hello will check this now

Hello!! :slight_smile: Great collection!

  • Nouns Item 003 [Balloon] : change category to “top head”, or add some eyewear geometry to fit category. Make the wire douoble sided (it’s only visible from one side right now)
  • Nouns Set 003 [Hakama] : use Hides instead of Replace for the lowerbody part.

Let @ me know here when you are done!

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Thank you for confirmation.

・Nouns Item 003 [Balloon]
I made a mistake in the category “top head”, so I changed it to “Earring”. I also fixed the wires.

・Nouns Set 003 [Hakama]
Changed to “Hides”.

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Hello @FORCES !
Nouns Item 003 [Balloon] : please move it slightly down (keep it within the BBOX), add hide > top head
Everything else is good!

I have made the corrections as per your instructions.

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All is good! @FORCES
One last thing: we have updated the rule about thumbnails (actually an old rule) and it is not possible anymore to include logos or graphics on the item thumbnail for the moment.

  • Please update all thumbnails showing the wearables only

I changed the thumbnail as instructed.

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Collection is approved! @FORCES

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Thank you fabeeobreen.

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