Collection 'Nouns × Me+JAPAN #003' created by MetaEarthJapan is ready for review!

Nouns × Me+🌏JAPAN #003

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Nouns Tops 005

Nouns Tops 006

Nouns Shoes 08

Nouns Hat 001 [Light Blue]

OTAKUCOIN Nouns Backpack 001

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The collection has been assigned to Sango

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Hi theres some slight clipping on the Top 006 on the upper legs whilst running on the female version

If you could also send proof of rights to use the Nouns IP to then we can move forward with this collection once the the clipping is taken care of

The backpack will need to have the earring take up 50% of the thumbnail too

Thank you

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I am so excited for these!


Thanks for checking.

Fixed the Tops006 Female version.

Nouns are CC0.
It is still being developed as a series.

The backpack thumbnail is created in the same way as last time.
(Last time, I checked with the person who checked it and got OK.)

Please check above.

please send to with proof of ownership of said NFTs

Nouns are CC0 and do not require ownership.
Since Nouns aims to spread IP to the world, it adopts CC0.

Also I don’t own the rights.

i know, you just need to send relevant info to legal about the projects CC0 and it should be fine

All right.
I just applied to


Please confirm the above.

just waiting on the legal team to get back to me, i will approve as soon as they do

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hi i have received the approval form legal, im just waiting for you to sort the thumbnail for the backpack for me to be able to approve this collection

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Thank you!

The backpack support is the same as Utiwa, which received approval last time.

it is required to make half of the thumbnail the earring and the other half the backpack to make it fit the category

I just fixed it.

Thanks, this collection has been approved

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Thanks for checking.