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Nouns × Me+🌏JAPAN #002

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Nouns Shoes 007 [GETA]

Nouns Item 002 [Utiwa]

Nouns Tops 003 [Summer Hoodie]

Nouns Shoes 005

Nouns Shoes 006

Nouns pants 001

Nouns Tops 004 [HAORI]

Nouns Set 001 [Summer Fashion]

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

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pants overlaps with female body

add earring model to match category

shoes overlaps with standard legs / pants

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Thank you for confirmation.
I will submit it after I fix it.

1 point confirmation.
What category should the item I have be in?
The item (sword) I referred to was in the earring category.

I have fixed the points you pointed out!

For “Nouns Item 002 [Utiwa]”, please refer to the example of the sword item when making your decision.

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for Utiwa you will just need to add additionaly something like dots model to ears, to match earring category
as far as i remember Pirate Sword is old wearable that was approved before we had such thing


Thank you.
I prepared a data with earrings placed in the ear.
All data has been corrected, so please confirm.

thank you, i will check now :slight_smile:

collection approved!

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