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NO WAR Kimono

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NO WAR Kimono Upper for Female

NO WAR Kimono Lower for Female

NO WAR Kimono Upper for Male

NO WAR Kimono Lower for Male

NO WAR and PEACE are expressed in KIMONO, a traditional Japanese costume.

The sunflower is a symbol of peace and the national flower of Ukraine.

A certain number of people who wish to participate will be given free of charge. Some will be sold, in which case the full amount will be donated.

We would like to release it as soon as possible in view of the situation.
Please give us your review.

hi i will review this now

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some slight clipping on the chest on the female version

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Hi Sango,
I will fix it.

great, let me know once the changes have been made and i will check back in on it

Hi @Sango,

Thanks for waiting. I fixed the Clipping point on Female that you pointed out. I also improved the weights for the male kimono. Please review.

some clipping on the female version on the back

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Hi @Sango,

Thank you for everything.

We have adjusted the weight of KIMONO for men.

As for the women’s KIMONO, the back part of the KIMONO has the same shape as all the other KIMONO patterns that have been approved so far. This is the part where the cloth and the cloth cover. If we tried to fix this, we would have to eliminate the sleeves, which would make it difficult to make it as a kimono.

Can you please approve it as it is?

For your reference, I have attached below links to other patterns that have been approved.

as you can see on the other model, the clipping isnt noticeable because the bow ends where the clipping starts.

In this item we are reviewing here, it is very obvious clipping

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Thank you for your prompt attention.
We will look at ways to make sure there are no design disadvantages.

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Hi @Sango,

Thank you for everything. How about this one?
The sleeves are a bit stiff to prevent them from cutting into the obi when viewed from behind, but priority is given to not cutting into the obi.

thank you, this collection has been approved :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the approval.
We will distribute them free of charge for peace in the world.

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