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Ninja Roid

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Ninja Roid 01

  • Description: It is a Ninja suit that darkens the metaverse space.
  • Rarity: unique
  • Category: upper_body

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Hey @MISOSHITA ! This wearables look awesome!

Unfortunately, there is not currently a category for a full body wearable. Maybe what you can do is submitting the upper and lower body in one single piece and doing another collection with helmet and feet. I hope it helps!

Thanks for the review.

I understand the point that the upper and lower body can be combined into one piece.
Can the feet be included in the same piece?
I would like to present them as an integral part of the body design.

The helmet will be developed as a separate collection.

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you can yes! i still think that would be better feet apart we can do that.

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This is a awsome looking collection, and will look great in DCL

Great work!!! That helmet bro!!! Cheers!

Hey @MISOSHITA ! How are you?

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 11.06.46

This wearable has 7 materials and 6 textures, can you optimize the textures and materials?

I think with 2 materials and 2 textures should be more than fine.

Also if you can reduce the tris to 3000 would be awesome.


MISOSHITA! Hey, not need to change the tris coun but please if you can reduce the materials would be great!