Collection 'Ninja -Cherry Blossoms-' created by Samidare#310f is ready for review!

Ninja -Cherry Blossoms-

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**Ninja upper -Cherry Blossoms- **

Ninja lower -Cherry Blossoms-


Will check this soon!

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Hey, looks like the lower body isnt properly weighted. Could you please also include male representations?

Hi, Thank you for reviewing it!
OK, i will check it and get back to you soon!

What do you mean by including male representions by the way?
These are wearables for male and I set it as male representation.

Sorry, i did not get it.

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Sorry I meant female

Hi, I modified the weight.
I also added female representations.

could you please check it?

Thank you!

Hey, waist line on female is higher than the male so it has to be modified a bit. Let me know when its fixed!

Hi, I have reviewed all the wearables.
They should be fine.
Could you please check it again?

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Looks great! Collection approved!

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Thank you very much!!
(sorry for the late reply…)

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