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Night Club Outfit

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Night Club - Lingerie

Night Club - Mesh Shirt

Night Club - Mouth Ball

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Hi everyone!
Who will review this?

Hey @iacob_visual_90 ! Strangely this collection hasn’t sync’d with the curators page which is why there might be a delay. I’ll just flag with devs and review asap!

Thank you~

@michi nice to ear from you!
After publishing it nothing happened in the forum until we manually press “forum post”

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The dev SWAT team is on it now haha


Hey @iacob_visual_90 , can you try re-uploading this into builder and see what happens?
Hopefully when you save it will get re-sync’d to the server~

ok done, let me know

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey this is pretty much good to go!

This male upper body just has some hip alignment issues but once that’s update let me know and I’ll approve~

ok, try now.
Thank you @michi

This is all approved, really nice~

niiiiiceeee, thank you!

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