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Nicki Nicole FW Collection 2022

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Nicki Nicole Bucket Hat (Both)

Nicki Nicole Original Top (Both)

Nicki Nicole Basketball Short

Nicki Nicole Urban Shoes (Both)

Nicki Nicole Original Sunglasses

Hi! Checking collection now! :+1:


  1. can you add some loops to that part? Right now looks a bit weird on fistpump animation :+1:

    also, can you snap corner vertices of pants to corner vertices of standard ubody? (for both, male and female)

  2. hat. can you add this categories to hiding list?

  • helmet
  • tiara
  1. male shirt requires some weight painting on part around legs, right now it overlaps with legs on run animation

thank you!

Also, please provide IP rights for usage of Nicki Nicole brand here, thank you!

Hi! The corrections have been made.

Nicky Nicole’s collection is ready for your review

Link to Collection

thank you, male and female version still overlaps with wearables


when you uploaded female representation, you can add representation for male here:

categories for hat still not updated

you send IP confirmation to this address?

Hi! When we test it on builder, that’s what we see.
WhatsApp Image 2022-03-21 at 7.58.15 AM
In addition, I leave you an example of the constructor of how the pant is working

Hi! We have already made the corrections.

Nicky Nicole’s collection is ready for your review

Hi! Lower Body still overlaps with standard wearables, corners of your pants should be attached to corners of standard avatar ubody and weighted to 1 to hip bone, that way you will have seamless transition between parts :slight_smile: Currently corners of pants goes inside standard body

Hi! We have already made the corrections as indicated. The collection is ready for review.

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Hi! transition now pefrect, one more small issue left, looks like few vertices not weighted to 1 on hip bone, can you fix that please? both M and F, just select all corner vertices and set them to 1 on hip bone


All other wearables seems perfect!

Hi! The corrections have already been made, the collection is now ready to be reviewed again. Thanks!

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collection approved! :+1:

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