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NGRAVE - Electric Ice Collection

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Neon Madness Hoodie by NGRAVE

Night Hunter Mask by NGRAVE

Frosty Ice Wings by NGRAVE

Will check these now!

Hey, just some clipping in the waist area of female upper body. Also, accessories are limited to 500 tris and 2 mats/textures

Those masks and wings!! So awesome!!

hello @Yannakis the hoodie has been fixed so it shoul have no problems now, about the other wearables, I have reviewed it and notice that we have hide another wearables in other for compesate the exces in materials like the hair in the mask, that includes custom hair in order to avoid clipping

Awesome, thank you! Collection approved!

hello @Yannakis we have changed the wearable of the mask if you can review the collection again that would be terrific

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Looks good, just add a tiara as main asset and display on at least 50% of the thumbnail

on the mask you mean? I mean I can change the thumbnail but the wearable is showing as it is :sweat_smile: should it be isometric in the thumbnail? also don’t understand the chnge in category? sorry for asking too many questions

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Oh sorry mask is good I meant the wings whenever you have the time since anything that’s under another category needs a main asset which would be tiara in this case. Will approve the mask now!

oh I see let me talk with the client and I’ll come back to you

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hello @Yannakis we have changed the wearable to have a snow tiara if you can review an let me know that would be great

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Collection approved!!