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NFTwarsaw x

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NFTwarsaw Official Black T-shirt

NFTwarsaw Official White T-shirt

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

gm gm committee! Johnny from Uniqly here, fyi NFTwarsaw is an event organized by us, so we have all the rights to branding :slight_smile: Here’s proof - tysm!

Hey, looks like theres a weighting issue and the wearables are not visible in game. Make sure to not apply any transforms after weighting the wearables!

hey @Yannakis don’t know what’s the issue really :confused: everything works in the preview mode, but when I see wearables in the world they are disappearing. Maybe some export settings?

You probably applied transforms before exporting. Removing the weighting and applying it again should solve the issue!

gm @Yannakis! coming back with this collection, I think it should be fine now - take a look :slight_smile:

Collection approved!