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NFTeacher Student Wearables

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NFTeacher Metavarsity Jacket

reviewing this now :+1:


The thumbnail needs to have a transparent background, because the rarity color is added by the builder automatically based on what you choose.

You can see it’s going outside the bounds in the wardrobe ingame. And the color is different from other legendary wearables.

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Hey thanks for the swift reply. I just fixed the thumbnail!

Hey Im still waiting I didnt know that this forum existed and i took too long to reply, hopefully it didnt get pushed to the bottom

Hey, how many materials and textures are you using for this model? Can you show me a picture of the material in blender or whatever software you are using?

I had someone make it for me, they’ve made models in the past for many other i will show you what it says when i put it in my blender

waiting for my designer to send me what he has

Okay, cause it’s showing 3 materials in the builder, which is above the limit. However i see the skin material is for some reason included in that count, so it’s okay. Will approve it now :+1:

Thanks fam! just did a test mint

will the meta data load over time?

also, did I make a mistake by adding it to my own collection? I thought that it was going to be listed under the official opensea account

no you didnt do anything wrong. You can see the wearable in the decentraland marketplace :slight_smile:

getting these images on opensea. Will they all load or is there something with the metadata?