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Fierce Eye Scanner

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hi i will review this now

please set as “eyewear” category and reduce materials down to 2

Hi Sango, thanks for taking the time.
I changed the category to the indicated one.
The materials were reduced to two as well.

Thanks, this collection has been approved

Hi Sango, thanks for the time. Is there any way to rename the collection? or maybe move the item to another collection?
for aesthetic purposes, Opensea renames it and adds the “V2” after the name

Collection names cannot be changed once published, nor can items be moved from one collection to the other

ok, is there any way to resubmit the same wearable on a new collection> ? I wouldnt use the ones I got approved first

no, the same item cannot be submitted twice

ok, thanks for your time Sango, I really appreciate your help.
Can I change how the name look on Opensea from DCL?

No, but you may be able to get incontact with opensea to change the name on their platform as its there that the “v2” was added

Ok, thanks again for your help!
have a great day!

not a problem, good luck with getting the name changed!

Hey Sango! thanks again and this is the last question, pinky promise ! :smiley: can I change the thumbnail of the item?

sure post it here first then i can let you know if it ticks all the boxes before submitting the change

yeah, thanks! I was thinking something like this, basically the same thing, from a different angle.

yeah sure, just make sure its a transparent background and the builder will add the colour in automatically

do I change it where it says “edit representatuion?”

just click the thumbnail in the editor