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NF Studio Series 2

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**NF Studio Series Steven Daily **

NF Studio Series KMNDZ

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, just a couple disconnected vertices on female for both shirts

Resubmitted. Thank you.

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Tagging just in case @Yannakis. Thanks again.

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Hey, Steven Daily tee is invisible for some reason… make sure to not apply transforms after youve rigged the wearable

@Yannakis resubmitted. Thanks again.

Collection approved!

Thank you so much @Yannakis.
We are resubmitting an updated design to this collection for approval. Thank you.

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Tagging again just in case. @Yannakis

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Hey, cant see any changes atm, can you please push a small change and make sure to click on “Push”? Also please let me know what you changed

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@Yannakis The change is to remove the shaded line in the center of the t-shirt and sleeves. It was resubmitted but will try again. Thanks for the guidance.

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Changes approved @alphatrinidad

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@Yannakis Much appreciated. Thank you.

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