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theres some backfacing normal issues on the male hat in the gap at the back


I am going to fix the backfacing issues. How is the process then, do I re-upload the fixed asset in the builder somewhere? I tried to find it in the Editor, but didn’t see an option to change the asset?

Also: I just looked at the normals in Blender and it seems to be fine? Is there any other explanation why the issues appear?

Thank you!

if you notice the red part they are your backfacing normals,i suggest bringing the hat in closer to the hair so theres no gap. you can use ths white pencil button to change the model

Hello Sango,
Thanks for the help!

I closed the gap and re-uploaded the male version like you showed in the picture. In the preview I can now only see the male version, even when I select both glb files when uploading.


go to this page then click on the name of the item you want to edit

Then you will get to this page where you can edit the representations

Hello Sango,

When I do this I can upload the male version but when I then try to add the female version I get this error (t? is undefined):

try removing the “_” from the title of the item

That didn’t resolve the issue unfortunately

can you try now, a fix has been deployed

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Perfect, it worked now, thank you!

This collection has been approved

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