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New Jeneration Angry Shibes

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** Mischievous Shibe Slippers**

Angry Chonky Boi Pet

Chonky Side Piece


No way! That’s so cute! :heart_eyes: :joy:


Yes, please!!! When can we get our grubby little hands on them???


What an adorable collection!! Can’t wait for your drop Jen <3


Too cute, Im obsessed with these!


love these very much <3


This is so cute!!! I’ll review now while trying to calm myself~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This looks really good! Can I request you swap the bag to be Top Head or Upper Body just to align with current bags that are on the marketplace. References attached!

Currently the pet on the side isn’t really part of a category and I can recommend changing the placement to be something more static. Currently it’s close to impossible to weight correctly so we’re not approving 'pet’s in this style so I would recommend this be earring category sitting on the shoulder or possibly shiba hat!
Did you know? With upcoming smart wearables you can also embed a pet that follows with its own armature so maybe attempt this concept at a little later date even!

Let me know when you’ve made these updates and I can re-review!


Hi Michi!
Thanks for reviewing this so quickly! hahaha

I was wondering why/what was the reasoning behind wanting to change the bag to a tophead/other accessory, we made this in reference with other bags by metajewels, which i’m sure you’re aware of.

This, and a couple of other ones.
(honestly we’re struggling with the tri limit to change it into anything else LOL)

As for the pet, I had a feeling this was going to be an issue, if it was floating like beside, at like shoulder level, would that be okay?
Are smart wearables coming soon?!? I’ll have a discussion with my collaborators and see if we can come up with something else, otherwise our backup was to do a floating angry shibe!

Let me know, thank you so much Michi!

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Oh! Thats a good one, I didn’t realise bags had been approved under earring but you’re totaly right. A range of bumbags are under that category so should be ok!

If you want to have the dog floating close to the shoulder and static like the fairy wearables then thats ok ~

Let me know how you go!

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Thank you so much for listening and collaborating with me! I really appreciate you!

Okay it has been updated! Tis now floating


I am such a fancy man in these glasses haha
All approved! Thank you and look forward to seeing this in game, super cute~

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Thank you so much Michi :sob: I’m so glad you like them!


@michi I changed the names of the wearables to make it more searchable, if you could take a look and approve when you get the chance, thank you!

If anything update the tags, currently name doesn’t affect search results!
Let me know how you go~

Hey Michi, so I added ALL of the tags and we tried searching the specific tags, only the words in the title work. I heard tag functions don’t actually work rn… :sob:

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Thats all closed off~ ty!