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névrosé - s/s 22

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diamond glasses


Hello DCL wearable reviewers, just following up =)


what is hide
what is replace
each wear/item needs to fill these sections after selecting the proper category.
for ex:if the user first equips a big helmet, after select eyewear it would be hidden inside it.
To fix this problem u can fill “hide or replace” with helmet.
i :thinking: “replace” option can help to optimize server/client speed and clean avatar custumize experience.

My apologies! I have fixed it now. Please let me know if this is correct =)



Like this?

after some checking approved eyewear, i noticed that it’s optional doesn’t necessarily do anything.
i hope they approve it soon.

Hello its now been 11 days and I have not heard anything. Whats going on?

normally it takes 2 weeks. idk why?

2 weeks! ok thanks for the info, didnt know that.

@nader are you an approver? Because this is now at least the second time I have found you giving your opinion as if you are, and instead causing further confusion and/or unnecessary changes. I do see where you are trying to be helpful, but others may assume that by abiding by your rules (opinions) that they will be approved. Can you instead state at the beginning of your comment: “I am not an approver, but would recommend…”

-Mr. W


Bump. Would love to get this approved soon. Thanks

Will check the collection now!

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Looks great! Id have to ask you to get the triangle count under 500 tho since its an accessory. tag me here when youve done so!

@Yannakis i have dropped the triangle # and am ready for review =)

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@Yannakis I have uploaded the latest version.

Looks good! Collection approved!

Thank you @Yannakis !!! :hugs: :laughing: :sunglasses: :pray: :raised_hands: :clap:

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