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Neon X Lace - Thigh High Boots

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Miniskirt and Thigh High Boots

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Hi - just noticed a tear in the fabric when she’s dancing! I have it fixed already - can you let me upload the fixed version? Thanks!!

Just rejected you can now upload the new file :slight_smile:

Thanks @HirotoKai - the item has been replaced!
Really excited to get these approved fast so I can wear them to the festival!

Good morning @hirotoKai - bumping for review and approval! Thank you!

Goood morning @mamatang There is no male representation now for this model, you may want to add one to fit both aviators! :slight_smile:

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@HirotoKai Male representation added!!

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Should be saved properly now - thank you for your help @HirotoKai

Thank you approved !! :slight_smile: