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Neon Party - by Cielo

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Neon Party Hair - by Cielo

  • Description: Cute ponytails with neon pink bows and hair tips. Color Change.
  • Rarity: mythic
  • Category: hair

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Neon Party Girl - by Cielo

  • Description: Shorts, top & boots. Neon stars, butterflies, hearts & stockings
  • Rarity: mythic
  • Category: upper_body

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In world pics with different skin tones and hair colors.

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Reviewing your collection now!

Thank you!! Please let me know if there’s anything I need to fix up.

Really amazing work! Collection approved!

Thank you so much!!
I set these items for sale, but I’m having a bit of an issue. For some reason the outfit shows fine in the editor, and in world, but the marketplace previewer is going very very wrong.

I finally found an interesting wearable! Good job!

Let me check them out.

Yeah, unfortunately its going to look like that. The preview in marketplace isn’t up to date with how stuff is displayed in game.

Love your wearables!!! One thing I noted, in game is that the Neon party hair does not move with the avatars head. Sorta of looks like it slides off as if I wear wearing a wig :sweat_smile: Its more noticeable when you dance and slight gap on the top when head meets hair. Is this something we might be able to fix? Other than that, its a beautiful work of art and cant wait to see what else you come up with. Much Love :heart:

You’re totally right, it was almost like it was lagging a little behind the head, just slightly, good pickup! I checked and somehow had rigged to neck instead of head, all fixed up now and I’ve pushed the changes, so shouldn’t be long.

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Hiya! I got some feedback about how I may be able to fix the rendering issue, so I’ve made some changes to the outfit, and also AdoptaXolo mentioned a weighting issue with the hair which I have also fixed. Could you please re-approve the updates I pushed. Thank you so much for your patience!

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Thank you!!! You the best!!!

Yes! It was very slight but wasn’t too much of an issue other than when you catch yourself dancing :joy: Much appreciated!!! :blush:

By the way, is your twitter handle @CieloCapalini? Some of us would like to follow your work and we see that the name and picture are the same but would rather not assume. Just want to make sure we are following the right person :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!

Yes it is, I just went over there because I was told that it’s the main platform for users here, but I haven’t really used twitter before and have no idea how to let people know I’m there lol.

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Honestly, I don’t really know how to navigate twitter either :sweat_smile: But like @Doki was saying, “she can connect her store on the marketplace to twitter or other social media. She can also tweet out on twitter she’s the creator of her design (with a photo) and hopefully some people will come across her :)” You’ll get the hang of it I’m sure and progress from there :blush: Look forward to seeing what else you come out with and will let other know about you :grin:

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Ah I came here to talk about the hair issues as well. I look forward to seeing the improvements.

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Oh gosh, see I couldn’t even see it up close. Every time I try to zoom in with the scroll wheel it goes into first person mode. How did you manage to get it in this close?

I think I might ping DuckiezKing again because because maybe he missed the message about re-approving.

@DuckiezKing Hiya, I had to do some updates to the models, please can you re-approve them?

re-approved collection , enjoy!