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Neon Oni Samurai

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Neon Oni Samurai Armour

Neon Oni Samurai Helmet

Neon Oni Samurai Pants

hi i will review this collection now

The waist for the female avatar sits at a different location, could you please address this

also the upper body will need reducing to around 2k, or if you need all the triangles you can hide some accessory parts to enable more triangles on that piece

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Thanks for reviewing this @Sango

  • Just fixed the Pants so that they sit correctly with the female Avatar.
  • Have also reduced the upperbody to less than 2k tris.
    Thank you.
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seems to be a stray vert on the upperbody which goes all the way through the ground

That’s really strange.
Must of been a recent edit. Have just fixed that for you now. Should clear that vertice up.
Update made.


Hi @Sango . Just did a few tests and looks like that stray vertex is gone.
Thank you.

great, this collection has been approved