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Neon Hockey

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Neon Hockey Inferno Kit

Hello! will check collection now

Hey @rezon
Wearable looks good, could you just close the gap on the shorts pants to avoid see through?

Thanks for the quick feedback.
This is not the gap, these are part of the equipment, knee pads. This is how it is intended.

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Hey @rezon20182 !
Yes I know what you mean :slight_smile:
Wearables are not double sided in game so it would be great if you can close the short legs polygons (see image).
This will keep your original design and avoid seeing through the skin

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hey @fabeeobreen,

We fixed and updated the GLB.

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Hello @rezon20182 !
Much better! Only issue is a polygon connected to both legs, see images

Hello @fabeeobreen !

I hope this time everything seems to have been checked.
It fixed and updated the GLB.

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Collection approved! :slight_smile: @rezon20182

Thank you for moderating!

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