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NEFT Vodka White Gear

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NEFT White T Shirt

NEFT White Hat

Hi can you go back into the builder on this collection. it hasnt been pushed to the curators tab yet and doing so will auto push it

Yep! So I opened it in the editor but didn’t make any changes (trying to make the review process as streamlined as possible for my event Friday :slight_smile: )

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The collection has been assigned to Sango

That did the trick, ill check them over now. thank you

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Could you send over proof of rights to use the NEFT Vodka IP to in the meantime?

Models are all good so once legal get back to me i can approve

You’re amazing! I just called my guy in Legal and he’s in a meeting, but should be able to get something to that end sent over after words.

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So I had my Legal guy send an email that I forwarded. Hope it has reached you guys!

Hey guys just wanted to bump this thread real quick! doing a launch on Friday would like to mint these bad boys

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Hey @Nawyer, just a friendly heads up, the best way to get someone’s attention is to ping them like so :grin:

@Sango :sunglasses:

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Well thank you @XIII for the great tip! I’ll try my best not to overdue it but I do need to get @Sango 's attention. lol

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Ive not heard from legal yet but ive sent them a massage to chase it up for you


This collection has been approved. have a good event! :slight_smile:

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Good luck with the event @Nawyer!