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Mythic Weed Wings

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Mythic Weed Wings + VIP Access


Just submitted this. If you can approve it with the shoes, and gold weed suit, i’m doing a launch of the whole entire mythic line and I would love to have all the pieces if it’s not to much trouble.

Suit / Hat

If not possible no big deal. Thanks @Lauretta

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This is exactly what I mean man! Looks like your calling the shots on this forum ae? Dictating to Lauretta what you would like approved first

Everyone here waiting wants to do a drop of their collection your not special bro!!!

Do you know how many new collections I’m releasing 18. I’m telling Loretta what goes with what so my launches I’m planning go as planned. Like getting my whole suit released, instead of one piece at a time. Again I have stuff that I’ve been waiting two weeks on also. You know you would probably get things approved faster if you worked on your communication skills.


And If I were her and saw you talking to such a big client of DCL I would probably not approve anything you submit. Stay on your own posts instead of getting upset. We’re all waiting. My first wearable took 2 weeks. Also once they get to know the designers you have working for you are submitting good work. I would assume the review process is easier. But again. Calm down. I don’t think i’m special. But if you’re so concerned, maybe I should start a fan club so you can join it.


sorry didn’t realize you were such a big dog in DCL…

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You are actually telling the truth he is not the only one that keeps posting in a row the really should, do it in a order.

Some people are just favored by the curators.

You can release it in 1 collection btw,

Basically what we are saying is
We are waiting weeks, while your nimbus thingy gets released in 2 days. this is so frustrating for many people.
100 % NOT yout fault btw you dont even have to feel guilty

calling a curator into the forums is not your fault if it works me i would do that to… its the curators that do make these mistakes.

Keep the posting we love what you bring to the community im just here clarifieng things❤️

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Yep I’m aware of that. I’m now finding out instead of launching 3 different price tiers in a collection it’s better to have all pieces of the outfit and use 3 different collections for each price tier I messed up with the clouds. But I have other stuff that’s been in approval for over a month. And a few it’s been a couple of weeks. I have over 1000 mana pending in designs. I’m also impatient. I just don’t act like some of these people on the forums.


@KandyGirl420 is also right people
he is also waiting like everyone else, he has tons of unreviewed items in the store aswell the probability that he is being reviewed sooner is because 1 out of the 10 of the recent topic is reviewed it seems like this is happening to him as a gesture but its just that he post 15+ items in 1 week.

check the facts for yourself people.

@Lauretta This is just a reskin of an already approved wearable. Same thing with the track suits. I’m doing a mythic drop party sometime this week but I don’t wanna tell people about it unless these other items are approved.

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i bought the legendary weed suit hat and wings because you said it was access for vip, is that not the case anymore?

Legendary item holders and mythic item holders get access to the VIP


glad to hear things are still valid…i cant be ungrading to mythic

You need to add a tiara to the wearable because otherwise the category is misleading.


Can i just change the category to something else?

There is no backpack category now, so it’s not possible. Other option could be attaching the wings to an eyewear, earrings, etc.

We have added earrings please approve. Or @michi thank you

@michi can you take a look? thanks!

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Hey Kandy,
I’m taking this over and hope thats ok! If you can update the thumbnail to show the earring as 50% of the image as a true representation of the category I’ll be able to approve this asap!
Let me know what that is done, you’re almost there!!!