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Mythic Weed Suit & Hat + VIP

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Mythic Weed Suit + VIP Access

  • Description: Our Track Suit Provides VIP Access To All Kandy Girl Events
  • Rarity: mythic
  • Category: upper_body

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Mythic Weed Hat + VIP Access


@Lauretta Hope you’re having a wonderful day.


I will find a way to afford this!

this is sweet! would love to see people flexing this in dcl!!

sneaky spamming the mods with tags… Wait your turn!

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thanks will have a look at this today @KandyGirl420

this suit looks ready to go, however before doing that will have add the category helmet to the replace section @KandyGirl420 let me know when you do that

I’ve added replaces helmet on the hat

thank you @Lauretta I appreciate the fast approval

@Lauretta Following back up here as I’ve made the required adjustments. Thank you.

Take a look inside the hat the normals are flipped, please fix. (cc: @Lauretta )

This is fixed @Shibu & @Lauretta

collection approved!

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