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My Precioussss Gold Band

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**My Precioussss Gold Ring **

Hi! I will check this collection too!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

hey! add earring model to fit category, thank you!

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Hey @theankou !
Just updated it to the earring model file :slight_smile: is that okay now?

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i will check in few minutes

it’s toooo small and barely visible, also i think weights are not assigned to 1 to head bone

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hey! just waiting to find out about the issues…i’ll get back to you asap

Continuing…this one is earring category. For it to not be misleading a stud on an ear was added, is the size fine? Can check on the attachment of the bone. Thank you @theankou

Edit: checked the attachment, should be good on that side, scaling up stud earring a bit so its more visible, found it is too small and cant be seen correctly, fixing…

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Hey Crypt_Sannin! Earring is missing on head in-game (wrong weight painting) and size is still too small.

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Hey thank you for the reply, this is fixed. Was missing a face I think and yes def too small. @Endo should be pushing this update soon.

let me know when models will be updated, thank you!

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@theankou Hello! Sorry about the delay, i’ve updated them both, hopefully that should be all good now! Thank yeww! :slight_smile:


Hey Endo! Thank you! I will check collections today!

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@theankou okay thanks! :slight_smile:

approving collection

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collection approved!

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YAYY!Thank you @theankou :slight_smile:

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