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My Avastars Fashion Dolls

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Kawaii^^Cutie Original

A Vibe Thing Original

Dreamer_3.0 Original

Glam Vibe X SweetieGirl^^

Dreamer Chic X SaltyPreppy^^

**Kawaii^^Cutie X SaltyPreppy^^ **

Glam Vibe X SaltyPreppy^^

Dreamer Chic X SweetieGirl^^

Kawaii^^Cutie X SweetieGirl^^

Kawaii^^Cutie X A_VibeThing

Glam Vibe X A_VibeThing

Dreamer Chic X A_VibeThing

Kawaii^^Cutie X Lime_Vibez

Glam Vibe X Lime_Vibez

Dreamer Chic X Lime_Vibez

Kawaii^^Cutie X A_CountryRose

Glam Vibe X A_CountryRose

Dreamer Chic X A_CountryRose

Kawaii^^Cutie X Dreamer_3.0

Glam Vibe X Dreamer_3.0

Dreamer Chic X Dreamer_3.0

Kawaii^Cutie X Flower Child

Glam Vibe X Flower Child

Dreamer Chic X Flower Child

Kawaii^Cutie X StarPawa22

Glam Vibe X StarPawa22

Dreamer Chic X StarPawa22

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi, there is some clipping on the dress on the A_VibeThing models

theres also some clipping on the hair of the Dreamer_3.0, StarPawa22, and Flower Child models

I will also need you to send proof of rights to use the “My Avastars” IP to

Here us consent from Wowwee/MyAvastars


Hello @Sango !

All corrections have been made and the consent has been sent both here and to

The clients are dying for this collection to go live, please let me know when all is pushed through!

Thanks so much!

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This collection has been approved

Hey @Sango For some reason it is not showing up in the marketpklace…it is saying some of this collection has not been approved. Please let me know if you can help!


ill take a look now :slight_smile:

did you make any changes to any of the designs?

i disabled and reenabled and they are now in the marketplace

No just changed the thumbnails