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Museum District Apparel - 01

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Spaceman by Mr. Farkas

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Need a couple for my Virtual wardrobe.

Hey @holodot! How are you? Nice wearables!

It seems that the skin part of the wearables is not using the material AvatarSkin_MAT (that’s why is not tinting the color of the skin in the editor or backpack). Let me know if that is your intention or you wanted some white gloves.

In another hand it seems the wearable Spaceman by Mr Farkas has some texturing issues.

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 18.29.57

Let me know about this!


skins seem to be working now @shibu

can u check now @Shibu ?

can we reverse this submission if we are not going to approve it? so i can try again with the $? @Shibu