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Mummified Walkman

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Mummy Walkman

  • Description: ACR x Sannin Mummy Tunes Collab.
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: earring

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Will check this now!

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Collection approved!


Thank you, have a great one!

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Hello @Yannakis apologies, would like to update file before public release.
(update: adding glow to cord to match Mummy eye on the Walkman).

New file should be ready to upload already, let me know when we are good on your end.
Thanks in advance!

Hello, any news on this? @Yannakis

Looks approved on my end. Have you pushed changes?

Hey, sorry just did. Looks like it didn’t go through the first time. Updates should be pushed now.

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Sounds good, will be approved in a min!

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