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MUA x MetaMineS2 Recurve

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MUA x MetaMineS2 Recurve

I will check collection now

you will need to add tiara on head to match tiara category, also limit for tiara category is 500 triangles 2 materials 2 textures

Thanks! Is it possible that I change the category to feet? So the limit for triangles will be 1500?

yes, if there will be feet model

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Thansk! BTW, is facial hair and helmet also have a limit for 1500 triangles?

Hi Theankou! We just updated the wearable, pls check!

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

inverted normals

also, limit is 2 materials, 2 textures, currently you have 4 materials

Hi! Just updated again, pls check agian, hope everything is well now

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bow normals still inverted

Hi! This was a ok in editor…but now should be ok in editor and in world. Pls check.

collection approved!

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