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MST Gyatso Cap

Hello checking this now


  • male version is good to go!
  • please fix female back hair: clipping with the neck (check clap animation)

Let me know @ when you are done :slight_smile:

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

@fabeeobreen Hello,

Sorry for the late reply. It’s our first time as a brand uploading an item. We have taken a look at your comment, and we tried to check the mistake for ourselves, making the avatar clap as female, and we didn’t see anything wrong.

The item is unisex, so that is why both male and female have short hair.

Thanks for taking a look at our item. We appreciate it, looking forward to your response.

Monastery team,

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Rig is good!
Wearables are not double sided inworld: do you want to add some back geo in the back hat’s hole to avoid any see-through? (see image)
Also check if you want to add any description and/or tag to your wearable before appovation :slight_smile:
Let me know when you are ready.

Hello Sir, we uploaded it again. is ready now

please forward us any annotations.

Thank you,

MST team

Good job!
Please add “helmet” as hide and it’s ready to go

Okay Sir done!

Thank you,

Collection approved! :slight_smile: @MONASTERYCLOTHING