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MovieShots - Black Derby Hat

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Black Derby Hat

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, please hide hair to avoid clipping issues. You can add a hair design to the glb file of the hat if you don’t want the avatar to not have hair. Also please make the thumbnail background transparent.

Hi. We uploaded a new one with “hide hair”. New thumbnail will be uploaded asap.

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Hi Yannakis.
We uploaded a new thumbnail now as well.
Best regards,

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Model looks good! Just make the thumnail frame a bit smaller if you want to keep it and ill approve asap!

Hi Yannakis - Thanks for the reply.
Do you mean making the gap between the curtains bigger so you see less curtain and more of background showing through -So less curtain showing overall?

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Correct! I think the curtain is taking a big percentage of the thumbnail making it a bit unclear especially considering the size on market and in game. Just make the gap a bit smaller and ill approve asap!


We’ll upload new version asap.


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Awesome let me know once updated by tagging me here!

Hello @Yannakis
New thumbnail is uploaded.

Kind regards,

Collection approved!


Thank you, ser!

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Hi @Yannakis

We wanted to upload a thumbnail back then, but it said it mus be under 1MB. The file was under 1MB.
So we made it smaller, that it was possible.

Now on OpenSesa, we see that the small 250x250 version is not beautiful in den resolution.

Is it possible to change it to the 500x500 version, that is attached to this message?

(It is less than 1MB, but still didnt work back then when we uploaded it and we received the error that files must be below 1MB)

Would be great, if we can change it.

Best, Lightning

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Yeah it should be 1024x1024 or 512x512

@Yannakis Can you help us that the 500x500 attached above will be used?>
When I want to upload it doesnt work and says it must be below 1MB (even if the file is below 1MB)

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Because its not the correct size. Try 1024x1024 and let me know if it works