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Shtorm trooper helmet

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Miiiiiihht have some IP issues there


is there anything I can do to fix this?

in the editor lt does not look the one of star wars i think its ok :thinking:

Screenshot from 2022-01-02 08-53-31

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Yes, at first I didn’t understand that you can’t create things inspired by things that I don’t have rights to. That’s why I changed it to a completely different one. I couldn’t write it because I didn’t have a verified account on the forum yet.

and new thumbnails

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we’ve made some improvements.
new thumbnails, updated model and textures

How long do you usually wait for approval?

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good thing you changed it cause the original wouldn’t have passed. But I approved the new version now :+1:

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@Chestnutbruze Thank you for the approval, I also posted an amendment to not hide earrings because many people have a necklace in the category of earrings

Hey, can someone please approve the latest changes?

Hey @luxor

  • Please add hides: earring
  • remove “helmet” from replace