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MTG Denim Jacket


Hi committee! FYI we have all the rights to More Than Gamers branding, its our mutual drop with :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi! Checking collection now! :+1:

  • hat: add earring category to hiding list
    all other things seems to be OK, but as for me i think gamepad should be moved a bit closer to upper_body, because right now it’s a bit far away from body :eyes:

Damn u are fast! Thanks a lot, I’ll make adjustments and let you know!

@theankou all done, hid the earring category and moved the gamepad closer :slight_smile:

i noted that hip part is not weighted to 1 to hip bone :sweat_smile: please weight paint marked parts with slight gradient to 1 to hip bone, thank you

@theankou fixed, take a look :slight_smile:

i think thats all issues thats needs to be fixed, other things seems to be OK, sorry for bother :frowning: :smiling_face_with_tear:

hi @theankou ! fixed again, take a look :slight_smile:

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1 issue on male representation hoodie is still here:

female representation wearables are perfect

hi @theankou! sorry for the long wait, it should be fixed now :slight_smile:

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collection approved!

hey @theankou! is collection approved? it still shows under-review on my builder page :confused:

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should be approved now, sorry :slightly_smiling_face: