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Monster Series

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Monster Fish and Elf

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hello I will take a look right not

hello this model looks rad I will recommend to lower the fish mouth so the the arms dont clip with the fish,
let me know when you do that and I will review the model again

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Hi,I have corrected that problem.Please review again.Thank you very much.

no problem will review it again today

hello I was reviewing the skin and everything seems correct however I will recommend to hide everything since your model has the arms blocked

let me know when you do that

Hi! The designer has updated the file. He said could not send a message because it has exceeded the message limit (?). Please help to review again please, it is urgent for MVFW. Thank you!

thanks a lot will have a look at it today

hello @apes.kaishan after talking it out with another curators you need to cover the breast of the wearable before approving let me know when you do that