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Monster Mummy

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Very cool work! Looks great

I took inspiration from the full body snowman costume and made a mummy. let me know if I need to change anything

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we need a nail gun to stop this mummy :rofl:

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just a small bump <3 <3

Hey @trevor123 ! How are you? Right now there is not a skin category so i cannot approve… but soon :slight_smile:

am I able to leave it as pending

Hey scary buddy, i love this freaky style.:man_zombie:

If I am correct the snowman was split in to segments, idk how many but try making it a 2/3 part wearable maybe

bump and updated to a skin <3 <3 @Shibu

Must have in the marketplace! Please DCL mods approve these awesome new designs! The marketplace needs them and has so little to none of them! People love to dress in full costume and would love you for pushing these through!!:blue_heart::purple_heart:

Wow love these! They should def be added this skin looks sickkk!

Thank you heart heart

hey @trevor123 checking in, are those details part of the concept?
You can keep them, asking if they are intentional.

yeah those are bandaids coming off him

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Alright then ! approved!

thank you soooo sooo much