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Monster Masks

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my monster army growsss

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Love the designs! Nothin like this in the game just yet! Would love a DCL mod to approve these quick for ingame use! :gem::purple_heart::heart::blue_heart::gem:

thank you soooo much

I gotta add those to my backpack!! I hope they get it approved asap!

thank you heart heart

I’ll review this now~

Love these designs, really clever!
If you can update it to be helmet that also hides : mask, eyewear (tiara for the Cerberus design) then these will be good to go~

Are you ok with this level of emission and brightness for the medusa?
It might be good to bump up the brightness a little for the UV texture but completely up to you. Thank you! Just let me know when it’s updated and I’ll review~

so the skin color affect the skin and I am fine with that. I will update the rest

@michi should be all updated ty ty also sorry for the delay

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This is all approved! Thank you~