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really cool looking!

A monster from Monster! All we need now is Monster Energy drink slot.

monster looking scary AF! LFG!

Thank you!! :slight_smile: <3 !!

Hey 0x870d…d95b4! Right now there is not a category for full body. There are plans to add the category soon but right not now.

If you like you can do an upper body that hides lower and feet and helmet apart.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks

never mind i understand what you mean

wait isnt the snowman costume a full body

is that upper body? or what category is?

its a upper body that covers everything

could you provide some clarity in what is needed?

Still trying to understand what you meant to do

i think what they meant was that you need to make like a “long shirt” for the snowman body, and need to make an extra item a helmet for the head of the snowman for example. :thinking:

yeah I can read it like that but im wondering how the snowman costume exists and is all one nft.

yeah i have seen that there are some exceptions which i think earlier they didnt say anything, i had something similar, i was told that my item has problems with intelectual property but clearly you can see exact copies of items of brands in dcl, i think now they are more though in quality thins which is not a bad thing for DCL, but just do what they want and you will get approved. I think is better to change the items, that been ignored for days :S. Good Luck bro Hope you get approved soon.

yeah thats the plan i just want clarity before I do it.

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just a little bump <3

updated to a skin <3 <3 @Shibu

Hey the mesh it’s clipping with itself when it’s animated. Can you please fix it?


will get it changed ty ty