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Monster Clown

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Creepy Clown


want to hear a joke?

Love the new creepy vibes added by this epic new collection! Marketplace needs more full body piece collections like this into the marketplace! DCL is slacking in the full body design wearables market! Please approve mods! :heart::blue_heart::fire:

@Shibu just updated and fixed the sleeve stretching

bump please heart heart

Hello @trevor123! Looking at your sumbission now!
The current limit for skins is 5000 tris. Your model has 6646.
Can you reduce the tris count to stay in the 5K limit plaese?

yep of course thank you for telling me

Collection ‘Monster’ created by 0x870d…d95b4 is ready for review! - Community Wearables - Decentraland
this one has 5k if you have the time to look at it

@fabeeobreen updated to under 5k

Do you plan to fix this UV issue? seems broken on the sleeves
Also please add a description

hey thank you for all your help. It was updated and a description added

Ok! @trevor123 One last hint, check this part of the back while playing animation: Clap.
You don’t want that part of the back be moved like this by the neck bone.
If you see when he moves the neck that part is involved looking weird, just smooth the weights in there. Add more to the spine.
Control it by plying the “clap” animation


hey thank you I updated this again sorry for the mistakes

these are my first wearable :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ok much better! approved!

ty ty thank you. If this one is easy to approve that would be great. If not you have been amazing
Collection ‘Monster Mummy’ created by Monster#95b4 is ready for review! - Community Wearables - Decentraland