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Modz Wear

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Modz bomber

Gm sweatshirt

Modz hoodie

Tiger shirt

Modz wings


Taking a look at these now!

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Hey, looks like there are some clipping issues on all upper bodies and single sided normals on the wings. Let me know when you have it fixed by tagging me here!

Hey @Yannakis! Thank you. Fixed :nerd_face:

Still some clipping and normals issue as shown in the images bellow. Try using automated weighting, remove upper legs bones from weighting, and weight paint the lower part of the upper bodies red on hips bones and blue on spine1,2,3. For flipped normals just select the faces and go to mesh-normals-flip


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Hey @Yannakis! Please take a look on updated items. Thank you!

Everything seems to work great now except from this button which i think hasn’t been weighted so it floats around when you run. Waiting for the update!

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Done! Thank you @Yannakis :sweat_smile:

Collection approved! Great work!

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Thank you so much @Yannakis :wink:

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