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Rager MNFT


The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey, this is really interesting design style!

Rager MNFT currently has clipping on the socks and under the shoes is some skin coming through and on the cap theres reversed faces visible~


Currently on the Rager Skin the base of the shorts have reversed faces visible, just try to close of the pants leg.
On the front, legs clip through socks and shorts front when moving. Shorts clip with jumper~


Let me know how you go and if you need more support getting it fixed for approval.
Thank you!

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Thanks @michi ill try to work on it and upload a new version.

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Can you please suggest if when we choose a skin does it hides decentraland default skin body or it wears our skin on top of that?
As we dont have skins in the categories anymore…
please advise.

@michi i’ve udpated a new version for both skins…
as i couldnt choose skins i did this.

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I’ll follow up with Devs on this issue! Currently I can’t review properly since nothing is hiding atm in the test network. This needs to be skin so I’m sorry for the delay~

Thanks @michi as on the editor it looks good…
but yeah cant select the skin category anymore…

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@michi for some reason that skin you tested didnt saved the hidden items…
now it seems to be ok on both of them as upperbody items i made them…
still not able to choose skin.

Yeah, it’s not you its on the curation side!
The devs said it will be fixed tomorow~

I’ll drop you an @ when thats fixed and I’ll be able to review.

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hey @Multinft , skins category was fixed!
Having a look now~

Currently on the RagerMNFT the base of the hoodie has some flipped faces visible making it transparent

Quality issues around the neck collar

Leg seems to come out when running also

Currently on RAGER skin, the legs are still coming through the upper body

Some leg comes through the shorts when running

Let me know how you go and if there’s anything I can do to support!

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Hey @michi i’ve updated a new version for both skins, please let me know how it goes…
hope this one is the one :slight_smile:

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This was pretty much good to go but it has some clipping around the neck on this one

I recommend making the design available for both gender and then should be good!
It can be tricky when using a unique avatar shape since the movements can be so varying~

Let me know how you go!

Hey @michi i’ve updated a new version for both skins and made them for both female as well…
even though we are working on more skins which will include female versions but will allow them to be for male as well :slight_smile:

Please let me know if there’s anything else to fix.

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hey @Multinft ,
These have been uploaded as upper body (needs to be skin) and the new update tri count is through the roof~
Currently the guidelines need the skin to be 5000 tris and 5 materials/textures max.

Let me know how you go!
Sorry for any inconveniences~

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Hey @michi
Please see a new version for both skins according to your guidelines.

Let me know how it goes :slight_smile: & Have a nice week.

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Thank you for that @Multinft , that’s all approved!

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Thanks for the help! love it! :slight_smile:

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Hey @michi i have a question about the collection.
I want to add now a female version to the Rage Skin Collection… can i do that or i need to create a new collection…as the male collection still seems under review while i can mint the male skins…

In builder if you re-upload the file and select "male only’ in the upload pop-up window, then because it’s published already go back into the collection > item description> top right drop down > Add female representation. Then in builder push changes and I can re-review~

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