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ML VermilionBird

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VermilionBird Cheongsam

VermilionBird Glasses

VermilionBird Hair

VermilionBird Shoes


This is so amazing! Great job, out of this WORLD :scream: :heart_eyes:

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Beautiful models! Excited for this collection, nice work.

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Hey DragonDAO! Thanks for your submission, you may want to optimise the triangles and materials/textures of the models. The maximums are ~1300 tris per wearable (~500 for accessories) plus two materials, including one texture. Thanks!

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i love ALL of this - cant wait to wear it

hey Kat ~~ We reworked the top and made some optimizations

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I’ll review this now~

Some slight clipping but good, thank you and let me know if I can help with anything else!