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Mishka Keep Watch Fitted Cap

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Mishka Black

Mishka Gold

Will take a look at these now!

Could you hide hair or add some hair to the design to avoid clipping issues?

Good afternoon,

Thanks for the suggestions, we are happy keep working on this to fit the needs to the avatar, but would like to make our design choices clear first. We have decided that hiding hair would simply leave the avatar without the option of hair, and adding hair to the design would impose a design choice on the player’s avatar.

The choice we made for this hat was to increase the size from our original design, with hair (an inclusive mullet, of course), by 20%. The aim was to accommodate most hairstyles without the need for hiding or replacing, leaving the avatars creation in the hands of the user. Some of the hairstyles included in the size and shape were curly, casual x 3, bun, Keanu, pompous, moptop, to name a few, but this was excluding the more bulky “standard hair” and other heavy extruded styles.

Our goal was to increase the hair options available, while limiting the use of others to give reverence to the less bulky hair options. Hopefully the size we have settled on can serve some realism for the thinner hair options.

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Hey I agree but after trying a few haircuts I see that it collides a lot with a few of them so Id have to ask you to either hide or add some hair to the design…

Hi Yannakis,

We have modified the design according to your suggestion so that the hat will override the hair on the avatars and updated the 3D files of the submitted DCL items. Please take a look again, thanks!



Hi Yannakis,

We have modified the design according to your suggestion and updated the 3D files for the submitted items. Please take a look again, thanks!

Good evening, Yannakis.

The member of our team who uploaded the original file for publishing has had his replies marked as spam for some reason? We have uploaded new files for the Black and Gold hat, this time at a smaller size and incorporating hair into the design. Looking forward to further review.


Sounds good! Thank you for making the necessary changes. Will check it soon!

Collection approved!