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Misfit I

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The Sentinel


I went a little over the tri limit on this one to get it to look just right, and to get the emissive sun-ray gaze effect in-game. Hopefully it’ll be okay since I’m disallowing so many other wearable types for this one?

I am also unsure of why it says I have three textures- I only have one PNG of my own, plus the default skin texture. Perhaps I don’t have to include that?

Thanks, can’t wait to see this oddball in DCL!

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Woah, this is such a unique head piece I have never seen before :astonished: … Best of wishes to you man!!

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nice use of the resources give let me give it a check and I will let you know !

I thinks it’s fine since your are overwriting several other wearables and accesories like the head, hair, hat…, the only thing that it’s not correct is that the hat should be in replace not in hide

let me know when that is changed @TrendsCrafters

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Thanks very much, @FatherFin ! I hope to design many more misfits in the future, making this one was a blast :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much, @Lauretta ! I made the change, it should now replace the hat instead of hiding it.

thanks a lot approved !!