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Mind Blown

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Bomb Head

Will check this now!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Can you make the thumbnail background transparent and change the size to 512x512?

Yep I’ll do that

I just realised that I need to weight paint my wearable as well. So I’ll quickly do that and re-upload as well.

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I’ve re-uploaded the wearable and there is a new thumbnail

Apologies for the multiple messages

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No worries I’ll check in a bit!

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Thanks - Let me know if it’s all good

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Looks like the normals are flipped.

That’s weird, considering this is what I see in the editor

I’ve gone through the normals and made sure they are all facing outwards. So it should be good now - fingers crossed

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Just checking on whether everything is good?



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Everything looks good let me just make sure this follows the ‘non-violent’ rule and will approve asap!

I can remove the words on the back?

And just keep the smiley face

Its good to go! Approving now!

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Thanks for that! Awesome

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